Ukrainian Council of NSW - News and Events

  • The Art of Lockdown

    UC NSW27/09/2021

    “The Art of Lockdown. Australian Ukrainians Making Art in 2020” book has now been published. This project has been coordinated by the Arts & Cultural Sub committee of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO) highlighting multi-cultural heritage, wellbeing, community and the arts and its impact by Covid-19 in 2020. This book captures what was truly a unique year, capturing…

  • Support the Ukrainian Council of NSW!

    UC NSW06/09/2021

    Pryvit! Привіт! The last two years have seen our plans for regular events, concerts and balls disrupted by lockdowns and health regulations. Such is life in a pandemic. As a consequence, our ability to fundraise has dried up, while our commitment to provide information, entertainment, sponsorships, pay school insurance etc, has not. We have adapted and moved our concerts onto…

  • 2021 Census – Have Your Say!

    UC NSW09/08/2021

    HAVE YOUR SAY IN THE 2021 CENSUS A reminder that on the 10 August the Australian Census is being held. There are some key questions for Ukrainians to answer correctly to ensure we are appropriately represented in the Census findings. PLACE OF BIRTH, LANGUAGE SPOKEN, ANCESTRY, RELIGION Examples are given as to how to complete these appropriately. ПЕРЕПИC НACЕЛЕННЯ Нагадуємо,…

  • COVID 19 Information

    UC NSW07/07/2021

    The situation with COVID-19 changes rapidly. You can find the latest information on COVID-19 (in Ukrainian language) at the resources below:   SBS COVID 19 Portal - Consolidated information about COVID-19 (vaccinations etc) can be found in Ukrainian on the SBS site here:    COVID Vaccination Rollout Plan -   Federal Department of Health has published numerous fact sheets about…

  • Cultural Activities

    UC NSW16/06/2021

    The Ukrainian Council of NSW has organised and supported many cultural events in its history. These cultural events have provided our dancing groups, choirs, poets, dramatists, soloists and musicians an appreciative audience for their talents. Due to ongoing COVID restrictions the UCNSW has had to pause face to face concerts, and has recently hosted online concerts featuring  performers from Australia…

  • Social Activities

    UC NSW16/06/2021

    The Ukrainian Council of NSW has proudly hosted many social events, often in collaboration with member organisations such as the Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM) and Plast. While COVID has paused these events for the time being, the UCNSW looks forward to the next time we can gather face to face to celebrate being Ukrainian! In the meantime, see below for… ladangtoto rtp maxwin ladangtoto slot thailand login k86sport tok99toto login scatter hitam