Sydney Ukrainian widowed by russia

Iryna P fled Ukraine with her two young children Ihor (4) and Diana (2) and is living in the Sydney house of a generous Australian family as she does not have relatives here. Her husband Peter was an officer serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Iryna received a call in the middle of the night of the 23rd October 2022 to be told that her husband had been killed by the russians. Iryna has temporarily taken her two children to Ukraine to bury her dead husband.

Our community has given $6,000 to Iryna to get her to Ukraine and back, however she needs more.

Please help Iryna raise her two beautiful children, who now face life without a loving and brave father. You can donate at the GoFundMe page here.

See below for some words (in Ukrainian) that Iryna wrote about her husband and family.

Yet another victim of russia’s barbaric war upon Ukraine.

Слава Україні! Героям слава!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

Ірина написала:

  • Підполковник Петро П.
  • Загинув 23.10.2022
  • Мій чоловік закінчив Львівський інститут сухопутних військ.
  • Захищав Батьківщину на сході України в 2017, з 24 лютого боронив нашу державу.
  • Усе життя присвятив армії.
  • У нас залишилось двоє наших малишів, наш скарб: 4 роки та 2 роки.
  • Назавжди 34.
  • Найкращий батько.
  • Найкращий чоловік.
  • Не вистачає повітря.
  • Слава моєму Герою!
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